How much do Geeks cost? (Scenario)

Christian Hampshire (geekable.com.au) 31/08/2019

he cost of an IT Guru/Geek is a good question; although not as easy as some may think.

There are so many variables to the cost. We don’t recommend that you take the hourly rate as the driving force behind your decision and here is why.

An hourly rate doesn’t tell you how much time it will take nor their experience. Tech Gurus specialise in different skills, so if you just pick the cheapest it may take more time to work on your requirements as it isn’t something that they do all the time. Meaning they could be learning a new technology on your time.

Sometimes it can even work the other way – The cheaper organisation may be less hours saving both on time and hourly rate. This may be exactly what you are after, but sometimes it can actually work against you without you knowing.

Let’s run through a case scenario

You have just purchased a new laptop and you want to setup emails, office, a few other things and you want a one-hour tutorial on how to use Windows 10. You don’t really know an awful lot about computers but that said you know the basics.

You get quotes from Billy Yellow’s Computer Support at $75 per hour and Acme Cloud Computing at $110 per hour. Billy Yellow has quoted 2 hours and Acme Cloud have quoted 3 hours.

The math seems simple doesn’t it? Well unfortunately we haven’t stopped there. Bob’s Computer Support comes up the cheapest (by a significant amount), but it may not count for everything (Again though; it may be exactly what you want).

Scenario with Bill Yellow

Billy Yellow’s Computer Support has followed your instruction and gone with what you asked. Everything is working as expected.

Unfortunately, you wake up the next morning to find your internet is not working and you can’t even read your old emails. This is completely unrelated to any work that Billy Yellow has done – He has followed your instruction.

You call him out and he organises a fix with your Internet Service Provider and gets your previously read emails available offline so if it happens again you will be fine (for that particular fault).

As it was no fault of Billy Yellow’s Computer Support, he charges you another $65 for an hour’s work.

Scenario with Acme Cloud Computing

Acme Cloud Computing suggested that you move your data into the cloud with a local copy of everything. They have done this quite a bit.

You shrugged not really knowing what these Geeks were on about exactly. - They setup your email on your new laptop and asked if they can setup your email on your phone and tablet, they asked questions on your preferences and changed things accordingly.

Just like Billy, they sit down and go through it with you. Again, the next day the internet goes down but this time you can still see your old emails.

You call up Acme Cloud Computing not knowing if its related to the work they have done. They quickly call up your Internet Service Provider and you are back online within 10 minutes.

Acme Cloud Computing never came onsite and they didn’t charge for their time as a small amount of after support is at their discretion.

Well do we have a winner yet?

Well.. No not really!! Billy Yellow wins on price but convenience? – we’ll let you decide

Total cost if you chose Billy Yellow's Computer Support: $195; Acme Cloud Computing $330

Let’s add a spanner in the works

3 months goes by and you’re at work. You need to get a document to a client but unfortunately you left your laptop at home. Oh well, you can always email it later. You catch up with a friend for coffee and mentioned the important document. Your friend looks at you with a bit of a puzzled look and asks, why couldn’t you just get it from another computer? Or from your phone?.

You are a bit lost for words because you already mentioned that the file was on your personal home laptop and not on anyone else’s. Your friend starts talking about how they can get all their files securely on any computer in the cloud so they never miss anything important.

You call up Billy ‘Hey Billy, Can you please come over and setup the cloud?’. ‘No worries I’ll be there shortly’

Billy knows how to setup files and emails in the cloud, but because it isn’t exactly what he does day in and day out, it takes him a bit longer. The work Billy has previously done is virtually obsolete. It takes Billy 4.5 hours to setup the cloud. That’s Another $292.50.

This wouldn’t have occurred with Acme Computing.


Well in this scenario we really do have a winner – Definingly Acme Cloud Computing. Not only is the scenario $157.50 cheaper but it is far less time consuming and less fuss. That certainly isn’t to say that Billy Yellow didn’t do his job correctly; its because his skill is knowing how a computer works and solving problems, it isn’t necessarily to know all the products on the market and put recommendation forward. He has gone in at a cheap rate to the understanding you know exactly what you want.

Both have pro’s and con’s. One of the many reasons why you should choose Geekable to get quotes: We target the right person for your requirements allowing you to compare with knowledge!

There are times you may think you know exactly what you need done; and often you will be spot on, but what happens when there is a better way that you don’t know about?