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Geekable works by finding the right geek for your needs by matching with a broad Skillset, their Speciality (niche) and Location. Just enter your requirements and let Geeks come back to you with quotes. Its all soo easy... and Free!
There are so many different Geeks out there. Just to name a few specialities:
  • Computer Help, Support and Repairs

    Need some help with your computer? These geeks know what they are doing. Hardware or Software, Office or Operating System, Windows or Mac, Laptop or PC. The list goes on. Get free quotes for anything computer related.

  • Web design

    Need a stunning website to attract new business? Look no further. Get free quotes from people who know what they are doing. It doesnt matter what you have in mind, will have it. HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, WiX, Shopify, WordPress - It doesn't matter knows a Geek that will fit.

  • Logo and Illustration Design

    Maybe you want a new logo? or a new design for advertising on your car? or a new stylish and catchy menu created? Get free quotes from people that know design and know Australian marketing.

  • App Development & Programming

    Get free quotes from Australias leading App developers. Have an idea for an iPhone, Android or orther device? Look no further than the geniuses here. They know more than code, they know the industry.

  • Media Production

    Do you want a video for social media? or a new ad for TV? Nothing is too big or too small. Just get free quotes here at for all your Video and Audio production.


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