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No truly, What does it cost?

The cost to get quotes really is completely free. There are no credit cards required. It does cost a small amount for Geeks to place quotes as 1) Finding Geeks that really know what they are doing isn't easy - we take that pressure off and 2) You don't just get spam. An Australian business has read your specs and is quoting on your true requirements.

What do you classify as a 'Geek'

We use the term in a fun and vibrant way. They are the people that only come out with headphones on and armed with a backpack full of mysterious gadgets. They make computers work, the internet fly, they create stunning visuals, sounds and video, and Technology is their world.

You can see more in our blog post here

That Description just didn't cut it - Maybe more detail?

Fair enough - Let's break this down to just a few main groups:

  • Web Design and Development Gurus - These are the people who specialise in all things Web! Their favourite word is www and they love things like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, WordPress, Shopify, and a whole lot more.

  • Computer Geeks - These geeks are the overall Computer people. They specialise at talking in acronyms, but when push comes to shove; these people know all the cool inner working of a computer. They solve even the most complex problems.

  • App Nerds - Forget Candy Crush, these guys don't play games... They just make them. Sitting there just communicating in code. 01100111 01100101 01100101 01101011 01100001 01100010 01101100 01100101

  • Graphic Design Peeps - Wow - Just wow to these folks. They have digital eyes that scan the world and create graphics for any occasion. They usually start a sentence with 'RGB or CMYK?' to work out what colour the conversation is in.

  • Video and Audio Geniuses - What do we say about these people? How do they actually make things that we can see and hear through the computer? We think they may specialise in some kind of magic.

How do I know what Geek to pick?

We highly recommend that you don't pick on price alone. There are alot of variables in pricing for Geeks (check out this article How much do Geeks Cost). We recommend picking a Verified Member that has quoted fairly and who has asked you questions that are specific to your job. This demonstrates that they have reasonable understanding of exactly what you want. We also recommend making phone contact with them to ensure you are both talking on the same page.

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