is a platform to connect consumers and Geeks together for your job or project.

Australia is home to some of the world's best and brightest Tech Savvy Geniuses

Just some of the benefits of finding a Geek through

  • It's Free.
  • Match with the RIGHT Geek and not all Geeks
  • You are matched with Businesses with a Verified ABN
  • With Verified Business, you can take piece in knowing that we have identified that business
  • Don't get junk quotes - It's pointless in a bot quoting right? Our mechanisms deter that.
  • We are always ready to help. Email us on
  • Easily add a Review for your Geek

The benefits of listing as a Geek

  • Free listing option.
  • 3 Geek Credits Signup Bonus - to use to quote on jobs near you.
  • Ability to sign up to exceptionally cheap plans or purchase Geek Credits as required.
  • Great exposure to people actively Looking.
  • Target thousands of people searching.
  • Don't compete with bots or unfair practices. We believe in fairness.
  • Verify your business so people know you are who you say you are in a safe manner.
  • Get 33% of Geek Credit refunded if you don't win the quote.
  • Support - Our support team is always happy to help you win jobs.
  • Australian owned and operated.

How It Works for Geeks

  • Customers enter details of what they require.
  • We send notifications out to all Geeks that specilise in that field.
  • You can choose to quote or not.
  • You can quote with a set price, an hourly rate, a proposal or a price range
  • Request more information or add comments
  • Quoting requires 'Geek Credits' - You get some free for signing up, although you can purchase more.
  • If you don't win the quote, we will refund 33% of the Geek Credits used so you can bid again.